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Our Synagogue is closed until further notice.

Join us via Zoom for all events.

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Announcing our next Rabbi

The month of July will mark the retirement of Rabbi Lawrence Silverman, and the welcoming of Rabbi Estelle Mills as our next leader.

Rabbi Mills
Rabbi Estelle Mills

You can read Rabbi Mills' bio here.

Rabbi Silverman
Rabbi Lawrence Silverman

We thank Rabbi Silverman for his many years of distinguished service to the CBJ community.

Some Beth Jacob future events:

Musical Family Shabbat Program dates

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Next CBJ Sisterhood Events

Program Theme for this year is
“Jews in the Arts”

Jews have always made key contributions to intellectual life and to the arts. We will explore some of the famous people and some of our local people who have interests in the areas of culinary, poetry, music and art. All programs will start at 7:00 pm on Zoom.

Visual Arts - June 2, 2021
Artist Barney Zeitz will tell us about Jewish sculpture and his career as a sculptor. We will hear about his Holocaust project in Providence, his stained glass windows in temples, and his current project, a diversity piece in Fall River.

Sisterhood's Diaper Drive continues! Contact Suzanne Goldberg for information.

For information, send email to Rose and Suzanne, our Sisterhood Co-presidents, at Sisterhood@cbjplymouth.org

Next CBJ Brotherhood Events

Brotherhood activities are suspended due to the death of our leader, Dan Hirschhorn. Watch the "Weekly Update" for information on the next brotherhood events.

Watch for the date of the next Brotherhood Zoom meeting.

Enjoy our wonderful CBJ Video
"From Generation to Generation"

produced by Michael Cohen, great-grandson of a CBJ founder

Watch this new version of the video
"Virtual Tour and History of CBJ"

narrated by Rabbi Silverman

View photos and videos from some CBJ past events

Contact Rabbi Silverman

Limud Torah study most Mondays 8:30-9:30 Contact Rabbi

Rabbi Silverman's Message from January 2019 TENT
"The value of Shabbat services"

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